At London Education Management, we shine in being able to help students make successful applications to UK University. With our UK team will provide a tailored service to meet every client’s needs.

​Whilst many people simply look at league tables to choose their universities, London Education Management prides itself on being able to recommend the right university for each student, according to them as an individual need.

For most students, It can be overwhelming when faced with the decision to select which course to study at University. Therefore our university advice service enables our students to make the best possible choices. ​

At London Education Management, we give our students as much help as is necessary to make a successful application to university, writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, getting extra tuition, and attending open days.

All our services are free of charge, including:

  • Professional advice for higher education abroad
  • Selection of top institution worldwide
  • Application preparation
  • VISA counselling
  • Pre departure and post arrival assistance
  • Admissions in International Universities

    London Education Management have contractual arrangements with education institutions in UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, USA. The interview  is one of the major factor in obtaining the visa and studying abroad for International students. Our Visa Expert team will conduct multiple mock interviews to prepare the candidate for interview process and obtaining the visa, as well as:
    1. We carry out an analysis on student's strengths and weaknesses.
    2. We match student's skills and background with requirements of different courses in different universities.
    3. The Student will be given the option in regards to which university or college they choose to do their chosen programme.

    Accommodation guidance & Support

    We have knowledge of universities and their accommodation facilities arrangement. We will support you in arranging any accommodation like host family, university residence hall etc


    London Education Management has a strong commitment to promoting equality and embracing diversity. We have always strived to strengthen our reputation as a welcoming and inviting education consultancy for students and Education institutions.