LEM has high expectations for its students. Attendance at all lessons, events and activities as directed by LEM is critical in helping students achieve their full potential.

LEM recognises the importance and positive impact that excellent attendance can have on a student’s potential to develop, achieve and succeed. It is the responsibility of every student to attend all timetabled lessons.

Attendance should be reinforced throughout a student’s programme of study and, discussed  in detail during induction.

Student Attendance and Behaviour Procedure.


  •  Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored and registers are taken at all lessons and tutorials. LEM aims to support students who have difficulty attending all timetabled lessons; however, the Student Disciplinary Procedure will be implemented where the College considers a student’s attendance and punctuality to be unacceptable.
  • Late attendance at lessons should also be recorded. Students should be punctual and ready to learn
  • If students are unable to attend class for any reason, they must follow the procedures outlined below in section 2. Failure to do so will automatically result in the absence being considered as unauthorised.

Actions to Implement and Develop Procedure for all Learners

  1. General Principles

Student attendance must be monitored daily with unauthorised absences followed up immediately by the attendance officer. Lateness should be challenged in an appropriate manner. Attendance should be regularly discussed with students at their tutorial session and by their subject tutor. Students must catch up with any missed work.

  • If a student’s attendance fails to improve, the Student Disciplinary Procedure may be used to set targets for improvement. However, staff should take a reasonable and measured approach, seeking solutions with the student and putting in place support as appropriate.
  • The Attendance team and lecturers will monitor the attendance of students on their courses. The benefits and importance of good attendance should be promoted by all staff and individual students recognised and celebrated.
  • Attendance and Register audits will take place. Staff have a responsibility to immediately report issues, problems or concerns with taking registers to the appropriate department and/ or manager. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action

Staff must take timely and accurate registers at the start of each session. This is because:

  • Student attendance is closely linked to successful student outcomes
  • The College has a responsibility to know which students are at college and a duty of care for young adults when at college
  • Registers are used to evidence a student’s Study Programme.

2. Known (authorised) absence

The College recognises that in certain circumstances, some absences are unavoidable.

  • Where completely unavoidable, a known absence should be requested in advance. Students may be asked to provide evidence for known absences.
  • Students who have a planned and agreed period of absence, or a medical condition or disability which interrupts their attendance will be supported to enable them to keep up with their course requirements.

Known absences may include:

  • Medical appointments which cannot be arranged outside of college timetabled lessons
  • Attendance at the funeral of a close relative

The above is not an exhaustive list of known absences; the College reserves the right to decide what is and is not acceptable. In doing so, the College will consider what a reasonable employer would be prepared to accept.

The following reasons for absence are not acceptable and will therefore not be authorised:

  • Holidays
  • Employment
  • Driving Lessons
  • Party

Unforeseen absence – A student should make every effort to inform the college if they are unable to attend

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Members of the College Management Team will monitor the operation of this policy by reviewing regular reports on student attendance which are monitored at the Performance and Business Review meetings.