Students Support

LEM  has a dedicated student support team to help deal with any issues during your studies. Whether it’s finding accommodation and settling in, to arranging academic support – the support team can help point you in the right direction.

At LEM, we are dedicated to creating an environment that focuses on students’ health and wellbeing to help them to live a healthy, happy and productive life. That includes providing resources that support their development and studies, helping them to succeed and to achieve their full potential.

Academic support

Areas we provide help with include:

  • Essay writing (style, structure and referencing)
  • General written English (grammar, punctuation)
  • Research (skills and sources)
  • Time management
  • Verbal presentations
  • Revision and exams


The Wellbeing team offers counselling to give students the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who is impartial and separate from work, social and family life. The team also offers a fantastic range of Healthy masterclasses, including mindfulness and many more. These masterclasses are an opportunity to develop life skills such as managing pressure effectively and becoming more confident.

Adjusting to student life

Starting university is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities to take advantage of – some students can find this quiet daunting. The Transitions team can help students cope better with the challenges of academic study, independent living and thriving in a new environment.

Student Advice Centres

Each faculty has its own Student Advice Centre (SAC) to help, support and advise students with all learning support enquiries. Services that SACs provide to students include:

  • Coursework hand-in and collection
  • Supply of forms for change of programme/module changes, change of address etc.
  • Contact details for lecturers
  • Photocopying
  • Locker rental
  • Information leaflets on all student services and university regulations and procedures
  • General enquiries and signposting to other departments
  • Exam and coursework deferral forms and advice
  • Provision of one-to-one appointments with a member of staff should your problem be of a private or confidential nature

Library– providing guidance and support with reading lists and relevant sources to support referencing of your assignments.